5 days to go.


 Today, Team Nigeria was propelled to the first position in Africa with over 1100+ images to place 21st in the overall ranking. The Benin Republic was bypassed with over 920 images as the next country in Africa. 

 Today, User: Omoeko Media refuses to be displaced as the undisputed number one contributor from Nigeria with over 210 images.

User: Tadekwiki came from the blues to occupy the second person on the pole with over 175 contributions. 

 User: S.aderogba was displaced to the 3rd position after the emergence of Tadekwiki on the scene with an additional 10 images to bring his/her contributions to 130images

.Ukraine remains as the unshakeable 1st position on the table with 23000+.

Guys, we have surpassed the hurdle of Benin…

Let’s additional 1000 images to go above Taiwan, Iran, Switzerland, Bangladesh and Sweden to go 14 positions on the rank.



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