Celebrating the end of Wiki Loves Monuments (WLM) 2019


WLM 2019 is a 30-day run PHOTOGRAPHIC CONTEST  among 48 countries!!!


The participating countries joined the contest to showcase Monuments and cultural heritages in their vicinity.


Striking Facts



  • At the end of the WLM 2019, Ukraine ended on the top spot.
  • Team Nigeria led other African countries with 2551 images uploaded while the Republic of Benin with 2395 was in the second spot.
  • WLM 2019 table top-spot:
    • Ukraine, Armenia and Germany in the first, second and third position respectively.
  • 2018 WLM Top-Spot:
    • Russia with (32413) image uploaded.
  • WLM 2018 Top-Spot:
    • Ukraine uploaded (31846) images
  • WLM 2019 image uploaded is 6212 lower than 2018
  • 56 countries participated in WLM 2018 competition.
  • 48 countries participated in WLM 2019.
  • WLM 2019 participation is 8 countries less than WLM 2018
  • WLM 2019 table topper, Ukraine, places 4th in the WLM 2018.


 Local Contributions



  • User: S.aderogba startled everyone to displace User: Omoeko Media who led from the blast of whistle until the last day.
  • User: Eukoha took everyone by storm to push aside the Initial “gragra” from User: Tadekwiki
  • User: Dipo Tayo, shared determination and doggedness took him to the 4th position.
  • *User: Tadekwiki squizzed his way to the fifth position.






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