1 leg to go!!!



Team Nigeria (1593) was dispossessed by team Benin   1623 images.




Nigeria needs to re-strategise  to displace Benin who is currently leading other African countries at the contest.


Nigeria contributors!


Thanks to the unrelenting contributions by User: S.aderogba ( 259), the highest contributor for the day, he is closely followed by User: Omoeko Medja ( the former No.1) and next User: Dipo Tayo, the only contributor among the top-four who is not a professional photographer while the fourth highest contributor is User: Tadekwiki, who has shown a tremendous effort to lead since day 15  but was not permitted to do so.


Let’s see who will be our Final Top Contributor by the end of the event tomorrow.


Ukraine maintains its overall lead with over 28k+ contributions.


Aside from the general prizes for the Wiki Loves Monuments 2019 in Nigeria, the organizer of the contest in Nigeria has promised the top-five contributors the following:


  • Biography will be published on all our social media platforms.
  • Wiki Loves Monuments 2019 highest contributors.



To upload click here https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2019_in_Nigeria



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