Wikimedia projects exist thanks to the wholehearted commitment of volunteers who give their time for Wikipedia and its sister projects. It is one of WikimediaNG’s core missions to support, in return, projects, workshops, events or whatever innovative idea led by these volunteers. If you are a volunteer Wikimedian and need help, look below how we can help improve content. And in any case drop us a line: we’d love to hear what gets you moving and maybe we can think of something together.


Scholarships for conferences

In the Wikimedia Movement, there is a lot going on and events are taking place all year round. If you are an active Wikimedia contributor and would like to attend a certain Wikimedia-related event, we may be able to help you with a scholarship: let us know what you want to attend, what you expect to learn, and let’s roll!

We also participate in the “Travel and Participation Support” program (in association with the Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia Germany) which enables you to participate to non-Wikimedia events and represent the Wikimedia community. Learn more and apply here.

Photo equipment

Wikimedia NG has an inventory of photographer members with equipment who are willing to share with other volunteers who want to take and upload pictures on Wikimedia Commons and/or to illustrate Wikipedia. We intend to get more cameras and even a drone!

Press accreditation

If you would like to obtain a press accreditation to cover an event in Nigeria and help improve content on Wikimedia Commons or Wikipedia, Wikimedia CH will gladly help and approach the organizers for you. Send us an email with the info. But make sure that you approach us early enough.

Volunteer Certificate

The Wikimedia NG Volunteer Certificate attests your voluntary commitment for the Wikimedia NG association and/or Wikimedia Projects and serves as a mark of recognition for your honorary work in the name of free knowledge.