Wikimedia NG offers a wide range of services for Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums who want to share their collections, but also for pretty much any type of institutions. Let’s talk about your needs, and find a solution. 


Presentations and Workshops

Would your institution like to have a look behind the scene, and learn about the different ways it can contribute to Wikipedia? We offer custom-tailored talks and workshops about Wikipedia and/or Wikimedia. We are always delighted to participate to conferences and events. Get in touch!

Broadcast your content on Wikimedia projects

Goge Africa did it in 2017. The Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation did it in August 2018. We are partnering with institutions for contents! Goge Africa got a Wikipedian in Residence in order to host their portfolio on Wikimedia projects and bring more traffic to their own content. We can also either directly train your staff or, for some particular projects, delegate a civilist.

Innovative usage of your content

Wikimedia projects allow for innovative use of your content portfolio. If you are for example planning an exhibition, we can show you how you can enhance your visitors’ experience with QRpedia, a mobile web-based system which uses QR codes to connect objects and locations to their Wikipedia article.

Host Wikimedia Events

If your institution looking for a way to promote the themes it supports? Let’s organize an edit-a-thon, where Wikipedians and the general public alike can collaborate during a themed editing session! What you will need is a room, internet connection, and access to resources such as books, journals, magazines and pictures related to the category of articles you think should be improved. Get in touch to find out more and plan your event!

Internet in a Box

Is your institution fed up of exhaustive internet subscriptions and still struggling to keep visitors from being bored? The IIAB helps you provide educational and rich media content to 50 people around your premises with no data charge attached. It’s the new cool and everyone is going to love it. Find out more.