91/30 PU Sniper Scope and Mount Next in your Mosin Sniper build is the most obvious part, the scope and mount. In order to get more of your Mosin Nagant rifle and use the right scope for it, we’ve outlined a short guide that will help you pick which one will suit you best. The Mosin-Nagant was a bolt action, internal magazine-fed military rifle. Eyepiece lens in scout rifle scopes also ensures that we don’t get blurred images or have a hard time in focusing. The riflescope also offers us with an outstanding contrast for an even clearer sight picture even if we’re using it at low lighting conditions. Using the riflescope, you don’t just have a durable but also a quality scope that will be your aid in hunting and tactical shooting operations. With a high magnification, we can see our targets better and have a higher chance to acquire them. After all, it was designed in the 1880s and first produced in 1891. You should then place the pin punch against the pin. Russian Color POSTER 1891/30 MOSIN NAGANT 7.62x54 Sniper Rifle Manual Soviet BUY. It is a great value for the money because you don’t have to buy accessories, such as a short scope and a Mosin Nagant sling compatible for rifles like M91/30 and M39 M38 Rifle or Chinese 53. So when trying to compare your options and needed features, such as an adjustment knob, you should also check on the build and overall construction to ensure that the riflescope won’t fail you in terms of the durability. In addition, it has safety features, including a long eye relief. If you’re looking for a reliable scope with good magnification … The eye relief of the AIMS Sports is long to prevent injuries due to high recoil rifles and calibers even an expert gunsmith would tell. Another option would be to instead choose a Scout scope, or a scope that is mounted forward of the receiver. For compatible parts/accessories, see the You May Also Need section and please verify details on the product description page. Here are the three best scopes for the Mosin Nagant: As the title suggests, this is a Scout scope for the Mosin Nagant from Aim Sports. But despite that, the hunting rifle scope is an excellent choice for its long eye relief, wide magnification range and great precision. It should also be compact, sleek and lightweight for ease of use and convenience. You might want to take a look at the optical system if you’re looking for a great scope for the Russian infantry rifle. It is also easy to mount that won’t take a lot of time to do that. Of course, you should not expect for all the bells and whistles for a basic and cheaper scope. Magnification is another great about a quality scope for the Mosin Nagant. After, you can then attach the scope to the mount through loosening the retention screw located at the rings’ bottom in order to let the mounting bracket slide over the mount’s sides, and then placing the riflescope. It is also essential that you shop around for a scope that has a wide magnification range of 3.5×20 to ensure that you can easily adjust the lens to the magnification needed in order to focus on your target really well. As it has the accessories you need for easy mounting, you can start enjoying hunting right away. 69 sold. Aluminum + Steel Construction, light weight to carry ... Mosin Nagant Model 1891/30 sniper with PU scopes (GAS) Brand: PPS. However, you also get what you pay for. The BERING OPTICS BE5500 is versatile that you can depend on it for many applications even for long or short range shooting. Firefield PU Mosin-Nagant/SVT-40 Rifle Scope 3.5x 3 Post Reticle Black FF13024 Firefield PU Mosin-Nagant/SVT-40 Rifle Scope 3.5x ... Our Low Price $149.97 QuickView First, let’s take a look at the top-rated Mosin Nagant scopes, then we’ll talk about how to choose the right one for you in our buying guide below. We may earn a commission when you purchase through one of our links. The scope has windage and elevation knobs to help you get the perfect shot. But at the same time, there is also no question that the Mosin is, to put it simply, an outdated weapon. So when you’re looking for top quality scopes for Mosin Nagant, you should consider this one for a great solution to fit many field uses. It is important to ensure that your eyes will be protected from high recoils as well as will provide you a clear sight of your target. I also noticed that the best long eye relief scope is one of the most forgiving when it comes to a generous eye box, allowing us to see clearly and fast for a great sight of the target. This scope is also an all-purpose and multi situation scope that you can count on for supreme performance. UTG 3-9X32 1″ BugBuster Scope vs. Vortex Optics Crossfire II 2-7×32 Scout Riflescope. Scopes & Optics ‣ Binoculars ... Matrix Mosin Nagant Gas Powered Bolt Action Airsoft Rifle (Model: Steel / Real Wood / PU Sniper Variant) View. Mosin Nagant Scope 2-7x32 Long Eye Relief w/Short Scope Mount & Mosin Nagant Sling for M91/30, M44, M39 M38 Rifle & Chinese 53 w/Lifetime Warranty The Mosin Nagant is a fast hit and run sniper rifle. The UTG 3-9X32 1″ BugBuster Scope is a nitrogen-filed and sealed scope that is built on a real strength platform. And speaking of resistance, this Nitrogen-charged scope is also shockproof, handling any impact without any problem. Like the Mauser, the bolt lift arc on the Mosin–Nagant is 90 degrees, versus 60 degrees on the Lee–Enfield. This Aim Sports Mosin Nagant Scope is designed and made to give you the most value of your spending. Take the rear sight out. Users can quickly reset to zero by just loosening the screws on the turret. The scope for the World War I rifles is durable and solid value because of its expert design and build for convenience and ease of use. Join 70,000 Readers For Our Weekly Discounts. 12 Gram CO2 Cartridge for Airsoft and Air Gun (Quantity: Box of 25) $4.00 - $59.60. The PU scope also comes with horizontal adjustments for windage. It has the needed features and functions that also make it suitable even for beginners. For one, it has a sleek, lightweight and compact construction that makes operation easier. You can easily put it in the scope mount for its sleek and compact design, too. Generally, these scopes will be helpful for powerful cartridges and larger calibers. I also liked that it’s safe to use for its 8.5″-10.5″ eye relief, helping us stay safe from heavy recoil and allowing for quick target acquisition. When compared to modern bolt action rifles on the market, the Mosin Nagant leaves a lot to be desired, to say the least. ProMag AA124 Archangel OPFOR Forend Rail for Mosin-Nagant Polym. When it comes to the scout scope or range finder category, the AIM Sports scope is one of the best designed to provide the clearest sight to aim for your target precisely and get the most of your hunting experience. On a downside, this scope might have crosshair blurs. Firefield PU Mosin-Nagant or Svt-40 Scope vs. BERING OPTICS Mosin Nagant Scope. All in all, this is a great option if you want to convert your Mosin-Nagant into a Scout scope similar to the concept devised by Colonel Jeff Cooper. This is more than suitable for most magnification needs with a Mosin Nagant.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'gunnewsdaily_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_2',112,'0','0'])); Another major plus in favor of the scope is its ruggedness, resiliency, and durability. Full Metal 1:1 Scale Airsoft WWII M9A1 Bazooka Grenade Launcher. On the other hand, the PU scope is a Soviet-made telescopic sight, which is used commonly on the SVT 40 and Mosin Nagant. On a negative, this product is a bit pricey. It is better to use one that has a higher magnification because it can let you focus on your target even when you’re away from the target and make it appear closer to you. A Mosin-Nagant Sniper rifle with a PU scope is a formidable weapon with much intensity. In all cases, you should determine a budget that works for you and stick to it so that you can narrow your options and find the best scope for your Nagant rifle. It simply means that what to choose is one for Mosin Nagant rifles that will last long to deal with the elements. The best ones are fog proof, shockproof and waterproof. You will not have a hard time to focus at all because it can offer a clear view due to its wide range of magnification. This model is designed and made with the V-Plex reticle, a reticle applicable for a wide range of uses and all-purpose hunting. The model is one of the best around when it comes to top features and excellent performance. Next, you have to put the block on the scope mount’s bottom on into the groove that is used by the rear sight. None of us would like to spend on one that will break after a few uses. Then, you need to screw the mount into its position through placing a retention screw through the pinhole before securing it to the scope mount. On the market, there are many scopes with varying magnification ranges, but you have to remember that those really good options are with a wider magnification range. It is also one of the most versatile around for a good and eye relief for recoil protection. This option can offer a better eye relief, but it can pose a problem for those who need to adjust their parallax often. It is as good in quality as the UTG for its multi-coated lens and anti-reflectivity. And as you know, the longer is the better for focusing easier and quicker. A scope is an investment that should last. $19.99. I would also like to recommend the Crossfire II Scout riflescope because it has an excellent variable magnification range between two and seven inches and with 32 mm objective lens. Adding an optic of some kind to your rifle is not only one of the simplest ways to modernize your Mosin, it will also enable you to make more accurate shots at longer distances. You should not spend on one that is not performing under harsh outdoor or weather condition. As the finishing touch, this scope ships with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty from Burris, meaning it can be repaired or replaced at any time. The first thing to help narrow down your choices is to pick a scope according to your budget. Investing on the right one matters for a satisfying hunting or tactical shooting experience. Shop for Best Price Airsoft Mosin Nagant With Pu Scope And Mosin Nagant M91 30 Review . On the other hand, the Leupold VX-1 3-9x40mm scope is a versatile and powerful scope offering a 3:1 zoom-ratio erector system, which is useful for almost all types of situations. It can be better than scopes with 3.5x magnification range because it can shoot at focus at longer distances. What is good about the included optics mount is that it is made of steel. Or, if you want to keep your Mosin classic by using the same style of sniper’s scope that was used during World War II, then the Firefield is obviously your choice. But when compared to other inexpensive and rugged military surplus bolt rifles from the 20th Century, the Mosin Nagant shines in just about every department. Magnification is another important thing to know before buying your scope for this rifle. On the other hand, there are other options that come at a higher price. So that said, you can always count on it for ease of operation. To use the receive mount, you need drilling and tapping of the receiver that might also require help from a professional gunsmith. The Mauser bolt handle is at the rear of the bolt … If you are looking for Metal Airsoft Sniper Rifle And Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifle S This airsoft replica has an integrated folding bayonet on the end of the barrel for unprecedented authenticity. 1919 starter tabs, four each 30-06, 308, 7.62x51 links USGI. So if you want a clearer view even at a farther away distance, you should opt for a scope that can accommodate a wider range of magnification options for an increased versatility. You can include in when trying to compare your options among 2-7×32 long eye relief or 3-9x magnification scopes because it is packed with solid features and made with topnotch quality for long-lasting use and performance. Using it, you can see up to 200 yards, and with its knobs, you can customize based on your needs. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. The iron sights in particular are very difficult to sight in properly, at least when compared to sights on modern rifles. And to keep things easier and intuitive, the scope should let you compensate for windage and bullet drop with finger clicks if you need a take a close-range shot. The model is also O-ring sealed, ensuring that it is top quality and with waterproof integrity. PPSSP0001 Mosin Nagant 1891 spring sniper rifle offers extremely realistic construction perfect for collectors and WWII era Russian loadouts. This optic is a reproduction of the Mosin Nagant sniper scope. PPS Mosin Nagant Model 1891/30 Gas Airsoft Sniper Rifle with Scope. About Us | Write For Us | Advertise| Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer Policy And FTC Affiliate Disclosure |. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Another thing I liked with the Mosin Nagant scope is that it is designed and made to resist weather changes. Finally, it is dependable for working at varied lighting conditions for its coated lens. On the other hand, the BERING OPTICS Mosin Nagant Scope can give your bolt action an improvement in terms of precision. So if you’re ready, let’s start off with a table of comparison for a quick overview of what to expect from each scope. The scope features a fixed 3.5x magnification, which allows the user to see targets at up to 200 yards. So assuming that you don’t want to go with a Scout scope of some kind, you are stuck with the few scopes that are made specifically for the Mosin Nagant. The all-around big game scope is also one of the top picks for durability. Some of them are sold as combo kits that already include a sling or a short mount, for example. Mosin-Nagant M44 Carbine 7.62x54r bolt action rifle, manufactured in 1946. Instead of having traditional Crosshair sniper scopes, it has access to the PU-1 scope, which acts as a default scope like on other sniper rifles, although the magnification level is a bit lower, at 6.2x. Free shipping . Firefield PU Mosin Nagant Scope. As you already know, the eye relief is referred to as the distance between the eye and the ocular lens. You also need much eye relief for the proper shooting position. I would also like to recommend the scope because it will let us hit a target even if it far from us, and that’s thanks to the variable magnification. #you can find #Save Shop for Low Price Russian Rifle Mosin Nagant Scope And What Is The Best Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle . This shooting scope will also mount or fit any red dot scope along with other aiming devices. This iconic piece of military arms history is the shorter carbine version of the M91/30, with a … You might also want to use long eye relief scopes if you’re using an older firearm or surplus weapons, which are not designed with mounting optics. It also makes the bolts more “Americanized” and more agreeable to an American shooter. Plus, long eye relief scopes have a short magnification level but can be effective when used on handguns provided it is partnered with magnifications. This scope is also incompatible with Mosins that feature the common straight bolt handle, so you will need to switch to a bent bolt handle for it to work. This scope is the same exact design that was used by Soviet snipers against invading Axis troops in the Eastern Front of World War II. It is made of blued steel and with a tube of 27 mm. While the scope does not ship with a mount (so you will have to purchase that separately), it does ship with scope rings. Step one was to change the bolt. It also comes with a 32mm objective lens, offering us with a distortion-free clarity. It only means that it can offer us with a better range to view even farther targets, which we can make appear nearer to us. You can install the Mosin Nagant with a little patience and practice. **Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The total scope length is eleven and a quarter inches long, which is definitely on the long side for any Scout scope, so it’s something to take into account. The screw hole is on the mount. At the end of the day, the right scope for your rifle with solid and compact features will increase your chances to acquire your target, protect your eyes and give you the most pleasant hunting and tactical shooting experience. For example, the coated lenses allow for an optimal light transmission and clear view. Find out what’s best for you based on the tube size, eye relief, weight, objective lens, reticle like a BDC one and other qualities you deem useful. It is one of the top performing scopes on the market that is also known for its wide angle or large view field. Mosin Nagant M9130 M38 M44 T53 Universal Fit Scout Scope Mount by Brass Stacker. It is one of the scopes to choose if you like rifles from 1891 and at a budget. For one thing, it’s incredibly resilient and durable in harsh conditions, and the darn thing can just shoot (and shoot accurately) all day long. However, the scope might loosen and needs readjustment from time to time. Aside from including accessories like scope rings when purchasing combo kits, the right scope for Mosin Nagant 91-30 also has a standard tube or body size of 30mm or one inch. It is also a recommended scope for hunters and tactical shooters looking for a lean scope that can sit flush with their weapons. If you’re willing to pay the extra money, this is an excellent choice for your Mosin Nagant. Mounting is crucial to let the scope lay flush with the rifle for a clear view of the subject. It will also depend on the kind of weapon that you’re using. They can make you eyes safer from black eyes from powerful recoils. This scope has a Germany style three-post reticle, which is always the whole view field that is moving for a quick and easy sighting in and is always in the center. The Leupold VX-1 also has a good magnification range from three to nine inches and with 40 mm objective lens. I would also like to recommend the Vortex Optics Crossfire II because of its really nice eyepiece, allowing for quick reticle focusing. Our Review of the Best Mosin Nagant Scopes for the Money [2020], Burris Scout 2.75x20mm Heavy Plex Reticle Rifle Scope, Disclaimer Policy And FTC Affiliate Disclosure |. 7.62x54R Snap Caps Mosin Nagant Russian Copper Dummy Training Rds + FREE Keyring. Get a full Mosin PU Sniper Scope and Mount kit here. When done, you can then tap using a hammer just until the pin can fall through the opposite side. This scope is fixed at 2.75x with a 20mm objective lens. More so, you should find one that is compact, lightweight and sleek for ease of operation and performance. $57.88. This scope is shockproof and waterproof, allowing you to use it on all types of weather. The cartridge, the 7.62x54r, is capable of bringing down any North American big game and is very similar in terms of performance to the .30-06 Springfield. Customers who bought this also purchased Parts and accessories may not be compatible with the product displayed on this page. The Firefield PU Scope is a beautifully designed and heavy-duty scope derived from the design of the PU scope. The base itself is a down-the-line drill-and-tap job, with the mounting plate screwing on to the side of the receiver. This model can also offer a variable power magnification, allowing us to adjust it according to our needs for long range or short-range shootings. It is a preferred model for those aiming to use a scope that lets parallax adjustment through moving the lenses and turrets on the PU scope for quick customization. I also liked that it has a long eye relief, the distance between the lens and your eye located at the back of your scope. It is a great combo that includes a scope mount with picatinny rail along with 2-7x32mm, offering us with a clear sight of the view for better target acquisition. The eye relief needed varies from one situation to another. With it, you will find it easier to focus on your target without any hassles. However, such scopes can be limited in power that you will not be able to find one that is 40-power LER scope. +20 MOA Mosin Nagant Hex Receiver Scope Mount with Picatinny Rail $ 65.00 Read more Quick View +20 MOA Mosin Nagant Round Receiver Scope Mount with Picatinny Rail $ 65.00 Add to cart Quick View; Low Pro Scope Mount (Round Receiver) $ 70.00 Add to cart Quick View; Low Pro Scope Mount (Hex Receiver) $ 70.00 Add to cart Quick View Mosin Nagant is one of the most popular rifles in the world. Using this matte black scope, you can easily adjust the zoom ratio erector of 3:1 for perfect use for many applications. This relief is where the entire view field can be seen. Quick Answer: The 9 Best Mosin Nagant Scopes for 2020, Best Scope for Mosin Nagant Reviews of 2020, #1 Vortex Optics Crossfire II 2-7×32 Scout Riflescope, #6 Aim Sports Dual III Mosin Nagant Scope, #7 Bushnell Banner Multi-X Reticle Riflescope, #8 Leupold VX-1 3-9x40mm Compact Riflescope, Factors to Consider when Buying a Scope for Mosin Nagant, .22LR Target Shooting and Competition Scopes, Vortex Optics Crossfire II 2-7×32 Scout Riflescope, Bushnell Banner Multi-X Reticle Riflescope, The Best Night Vision Scope Under $500 in 2020, The Best Scopes for Ruger Mark III in 2020. Bent bolt handles for Mosin Nagant rifles can be found for sale on many websites online and at varying prices. For one, it has a wide magnification range from three inches to nine inches and zoom, allowing you to view the target even at a long distance. It also comes with a Non-illuminated reticle for visual clarity, improving our chances to acquire our targets when hunting or doing outdoor activities. But when compared to other inexpensive and rugged military surplus bolt rifles from the 20th Century, the Mosin Nagant shines in just about every department. Mosin Nagant is a powerful rifle that will offer you with the level of accuracy you need. The crosshairs on the scope can be set in 25 yard increments from one hundred up to two hundred and twenty five yards. It might take a little getting used to with the scope. This product is 100% shockproof, fog proof and waterproof. I’d also like to recommend this scope because of excellent light transmission, scratch resistance and resolution, perfect for Mosin Nagant rifles. $24.97. The Vortex Optics Crossfire II is another great pick for its ideal length, width and tube size of one inch, which is a… On some rifles you heat and bend the bolt. The price paid, however, is the effort required to get the unit attached. Matrix Mosin-Nagant/SVT-40 PU 3.5x Scope for Airsoft Rifles $140.00. This model is also chosen for its accommodating eye relief for protection and safety. And perhaps you’re asking as to when you need a long eye relief scope. The stock is short, the action can sometimes be rough, the trigger pull is rather sloppy, and the sights are difficult to sight in properly. There are various mounts and scopes available, here is one on Amazon that includes includes the PU scope, mount, screws and drill bits needed. It is a part of the Pro Series that boats a 100% coated optical system. Gun News Daily is the longest running gun news website in the US. In addition, I recommend the Bushnell riflescope because it can work well even at low lighting conditions, giving us more chances to shoot our targets without any hassles. It is also nitrogen-filled to ensure that it is durable and long lasting. For example, it will be helpful to find one that has a flexible zoom ratio that will help you change or switch between finer details and bigger details with only a turn of a selector or dial. This excellent scope on the market can tight fit of all details and is made of durable materials for long lasting use. The Mosin-Nagant promptly became the Soviet Armys Sniper rifle of preference and were soon equipped with magnified scopes for better accuracy. Free shipping. The long eye relief scope is also chosen by people that make use of large hunting revolvers. The AIM Sports Dual III is an ideal choice if you’re looking for a convenient and easy to operate riflescope even if you’re a beginner. The Dual III Mosin Nagant Scope is also suitable for beginners because it is designed for excellent comfort.