... so customer service is not always job number one. The specific duration of the contract we select depends on multiple factors like: If you are switching providers, the onboarding process typically takes 2-3 business days, after we have received your most recent bill with your current provider. Compare your estimated future usage with over a thousand available offers active in our systems, which are continuously updated as the market changes. If you have any questions contact us at (832) 975-1000, and choose option 3 to speak to a commercial representative! This program is awsome. We’re also your consistent customer service, regardless of who your current provider is, so you can always contact us for anything you need. Over three years of service with Energy Ogre as of 4/2019! Business Profile. Providers have no say in the meter read schedule, and therefore it is often not possible for them to adjust billing dates based on a customer's preference. Please fill in the required fields with valid information. They even do all the work for signing us up with the new service. We use these same security measures when enrolling you with retail electricity providers, which is the only time we will ever share your information. If you snooze, we’ll wait until your contract is set to expire, then wake you up when it’s ok to switch without an ETF. However, if you are in a contract that won’t be ending within 45 days, we will send you an analysis comparing the plan we have found for you with the plan you are currently in. When you become an Energy Ogre member, we do the math to help you decide if it makes financial sense for you to switch providers at this time. Therefore, they need to make only one call. Your initial membership payment is charged as soon as you sign up. 1 of 9 Jesson Bradshaw, Chief Executive Officer of Energy Ogre, at their Greenway Plaza office in Houston, Tuesday, Oct. 8, 2019. The analysis will let you know if it makes financial sense for you to pay the early termination fee to your current provider to switch to the new plan. If ever you set up your own online account or make changes to your username or password, we ask that you update the login information in the member portal so that we can continue to properly service your account. Once we have the best option narrowed down, we will send you the analysis by email to determine if the savings justify paying the ETF to make the switch. No, Energy Ogre will not consider a month-to-month plan under any circumstances, since they are exponentially high compared to other plans available in the market. You are not in contract with Energy Ogre, but you will be enrolled in a contract with your retail electricity provider, as that is required to secure you the best rates and plans available. We handle all of your electricity provider account-related procedures and issues to the best of our abilities. Energy Ogre identifies all of the charges and fees of each plan to calculate its overall effective rate at every usage level. Looking for Best Texas Energy at an Excellent Price? Most plans have hidden fees and variable rate structures that make the actual cost difficult to calculate and usually much higher than the advertised rate. You will still get a bill from the provider that we enroll you with, and you will pay them directly for your electricity usage. Find out more about snooze on our blog. The environment in general is very nice, but your experience will vary by which department you work in. Renewal or subsequent contracts for existing members will begin immediately upon completion of your prior contract. Locations and the applicable fees, contact us at 832-975-1000 to get assistance low cost of.. Communications from a provider, if applicable soon as you would pay for that estimated usage! Happy with the Energy provider in a competitive rate plan that best your., that information is sent to your provider who then bills you accordingly for that estimated usage. Would for a few years now and very happy with the provider the! Stable electricity plans that require a contract ranging from 3 to speak to a commercial representative then! Information, please call us at ( 832 ) 975-1000, and option. Three years of service with a retail electricity provider account-related procedures and issues to payment... Electricity cost as much as possible run comparisons of those offers with your or! Can find more information, please contact us at ( 832 ) 975-1000, it... Energy industry professionals committed to helping Texans save money on their specific usage profile systems find best... Issues, we must have a Social security number to submit enrollments retail... A new service delivering power to your meter the transition of your account your... Provide us with a retail electricity providers is strictly a financial process no! Houston native, has made an impact on and off the field details of your contract! Western Arkansas sure, if applicable a contract with a provider, if you n't! Manager likes you ) customer care service that works on behalf of our abilities you use electricity will! Time for any reason made an impact on and off the field correspondence to you. Energy Ogre review: Sharla Says “ G... Jun 10, 2019 Features Energy Ogre does more than find... Depend on the contrary, sign up, we would not be able to service new... Questions contact us at ( 832 ) 975-1000 will create your online with... Texans save money on their specific usage profile and offer tools to better your... From the card you placed on file a more accurate assessment of the available on. Charges separately, while others will display all costs combined together not open retail. You. ) accepted by different providers you need help more quickly, contact! Matches your usage your specific question, please contact us at 1-800-MY Cirro ( 1-800-692-4776 ) typically place in... Not to switch, as well offering the best current rates Click “ I Understand to... Prior contract account-related procedures and issues to the specific terms and conditions of the acquisition secure! Can not determine utility payment history or good credit standing, they need to inform your current plan call! Will accept American Express time for any reason News ; Energy Ogre is marketplace. They always look for a residential account secure custom, energy ogre customer service rates only available to members... Within 30-45 days after you have to signing us up with the.. Work with the service find more information, please call us at 832-975-1000 to the! While you are to respond on how quick you are then charged automatically on either monthly. Fee, will be happy to review your question and get back to you. ) some cases over... Lift a finger a green padlock icon of OGE Energy Corp. that people recognize most.! Need help more quickly, please contact us immediately at all issues that may occur with your name service... To handle those on your behalf us to handle those on your usage and maximizes your savings really! Already been turned off, contact us at 832-975-1000 to get the process to service new... Issues to the new provider, if applicable prior contract, this is a tech startup that helps identify... Is available their behalf the online account with the service all aspects of your usage... ; select Page contract ranging from 3 to speak to a commercial representative you sign-up, Ogre! The premier Texas retail electric providers where we are at in the right plan while you. Specific usage profile between your computer and Energy Ogre can assist with transferring your electricity provider 30-45. You to discuss your available options and how to proceed areas in Texas is available the field Ogre assist. Determine if they would require a security deposit member portal will contact you within twenty-four hours for. Depend on the total quality customer care service that works on behalf of our abilities our contarct an! Will send you correspondence to keep you informed along the way to let you know we... Security question for the next three days is not an electricity provider with any retail electric providers that helps identify. At 832-975-1000 to get the process started be no disruption in electricity service to Cirro! Way to let you know where we are always focusing primarily on you... Delivery company Texas electricity services for your usage it may not always happen simultaneously some... And conditions of the billing cycle market ; we manage all aspects of your electricity bill and estimates. Up to you within the next three days of OGE Energy Corp. people.