A vanilla custard cake filling, pastry cream cake filling or Crème pâtissière cake filling as known in French can be an absolute treat hidden between two layers of cake. Is the flour self rising or all purpose ? we have chickens now, and are looking for ways to use up the egg-stra eggs! We use vanilla extract (not imitation flavoring) and this cake is incredible. I strictly followed the recipe but when I added egg whites in the rest of the batter the mixture looked so oddly. I will try it with some fresh fruit tonight. Hi Helen, you can line the dish with baking paper and left to overhang the sides. For those asking about GF, I believe that they have a GF version. Thank you! My husband loved it the first time I tried it. Thank you Vera about the baking paper, read all the replies until I found your reply. It was gone by the next day so decided to make 2 more batches!! To those who had troubles with the custard part also don’t forget even a bit of white in your yolks can make this flop but if you’re extra careful when separating the eggs it should turn out beautifully! I had chunks at least as big as a quarter, and I don’t know if that’s right. 3 In second large bowl, beat butter and granulated sugar with electric mixer until light and fluffy. That creamy sweet goodness made from eggs, milk, and sugar. The closest flavor comparison we could think of was a German Pancake / Dutch Baby. But it tastes good no matter it’s appearance and is an interesting custardy cake. Once I added the milk the batter was very runny and I couldn’t fold in the egg white well. It was exciting to wait for it to finish baking. Looks so good need more recipes for Using lots of eggsp. Paula Bounce I made it and it was wonderful! Hi, I’m from the UK, what is all purpose flour? IT WAS SADLY EATEN UP BY MORNING . The 3 layers look great. I cooked it for 1 hour here and it still seemed giggly when I took it out.. Hope it is still custardy ! can you use almond milk? Italian Moist Vanilla Cake Recipe with Pastry Cream Cake Filling. May i try the cake in heat proof pyrex glass difrom. I love this recipe and have shared it with my daughter and some friends! IT IS ALL PURPOSE UNLESS YOU SEE OTHERWISE. 19 %, (102 g) envelope whipped dessert topping mix (makes 2 cups). What is powdered sugar. That happened to me too, but I think it’s because I baked it 60 minutes. I used Vanilla Pudding Mix to start, but have also used Chocolate and Cookies & Cream which both turned out GREAT! I think it would have been perfect at 50 minutes. https://thebakingpan.com/recipes/cakes/coconut-custard-layer-cake I followed all the directions to a t but the batter is more runny than like a better. It should work well here, too! I think as someone else said too the cooking time and amount of flour needed is varying depending on the climate you live in for sure. The batter must be very runny before baking. Fluffy White Cake with Strawberries, Custard, and Whipped Cream. If the top browns too quick before the minimum of 40 minutes, you can cover the cake with aluminum foil. Also, trying to fold in the egg whites into such a thick batter was difficult. Made it for a dinner with friends, it was a hit! It doesn’t taste like coffee, but has a more complex flavor profile. As soon as my gorgeous Raspberry […], […] I wanted to try for a long time: Cream Cheese Strawberry Cookies. I suggest reporting them, it’s called The Paleo Recipe Cookbook – Cheap and Easy. I haven’t tried it with crystal sugar. Some of you might be getting different results because flours from different regions react /thicken to different degrees. Can’t wait for hubby to get home and die over the deliciousness, okay maybe not die! […], […] and apples. After 40 minutes I could not believe my eyes . https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/boston-cream-sponge-cakes Fold in the egg whites (1/3 at a time, then repeat until all of the egg whites are folded in). I also used a very strong vanilla and a bit more of it instead of the water combined with a coffee-flavored extract that I am making but is a bit underdeveloped (it hasn’t been steeping for very long, but it is being made with very strong, very oily, dark-roasted beans). Hi Charlene, I haven’t tried it in 9 x 13 dish but some readers left the comment that it work for them in larger pan. There is a Facebook page that is using your photo and claiming they have the “paleo” recipe if you buy their book. Even the very popular peanut butter cheesecake and the magic cake are ignored, in our house it turns into a real fight. Hi Karen, you can find chocolate version here: https://omgchocolatedesserts.com/chocolate-magic-custard-cake/, The bottom came out all flour goo, no custard and no cake on the top. I like to have desserts/cakes in the freezer for unexpected company. Won’t make that mistake again. Came out pretty well in spite of the fact that my egg whites didn’t whip well. Make it and it will keep for years. For the custard, I made a homemade vanilla custard. 1 cup cocoa powder weighs 3 oz. I did have to put tin foil over the cake when the 4p min time was up and then popped back in the oven for another 10 mins……. Actually, if you read the article, you would know the answer to your own question!!!! You can use Pyrex glass but for the rest follow the recipe. The baking time is the same. Made this yesterday, you are correct, funny looking batter. Invert the cake so that the top of the cake, will become the bottom layer of the finished cake. Confetti Cupcakes with Champagne Custard Filling and Vanilla Champagne Buttercream (makes about 20 cupcakes): Print this recipe! By the time I got the batter together the whites had gone foamy and I had to risk a re-whip. I’ve made this three times so far and LOVE it! This added the perfect amount of sweetness and flavour. Next stir int the whites using a whisk until the lumps are no larger than a pea. […] You can find complete recipes of this VANILLA MAGIC CUSTARD CAKE in omgchocolatedesserts.com […]. Anyone try it? This recipe held up great and was so easy to make. I am excited to try the vaiations on this recipe, except I am not sure I want the temptation in my house! *. Are you mixing everything except the egg whites by hand??? Very blah!!! For those who are saying its “eggy” tasting, well custard is predominantly egg! I’m so happy you’re here! Trying again tonight! I have self raising or plain flour? When it calls for unsalted and then asks for salt I just use salted butter and leave out any additional salt. I baked it at 325 for 35 minutes. A 1/2cup of butter is 1/2cup whether melted or not. Try 3/4 C granulated and up the vanilla to 2 tsp. DIRECTIONS Mix the sugar, flour and salt together in a double boiler and add the hot milk gradually, stirring constantly. It could stay a few hours at room temperature. Should the cake be stored in the refrigerator? Trial and error. That was a great description. Happy New Year to you and your family. My instinct says self-rising because I see no other leavening agent listed, but maybe that’s where the magic comes in? […] 11. Pictures of the process would have been useful, to know what the batter should look like after each step. That strange mixture was baked into delicious three layered cake- pretty golden crust on top, custard-like vanilla center and dense and a little gooey layer at the bottom-perfect!!! Is this normal? Where are the ingredients for the custard? Well I’ve Made it and it’s in the oven now, however I’m in the UK and my conversion charts to US, both say 1 1/4 Cups of icing sugar are 125 gm and not 150 gm, and the flour was 120 gm, not 115 gm , so fingers crossed it turns out . I just put it in the oven I will cross my fingers as the batter is watery with lumps of egg white. Did not like the raw flour taste, but it looked correct. When the … Store finished cake in the refrigerator. He couldn’t stop raving, about how great this treat was. Hi Chris:-) Thanks so much, you made my day . I just made I and it’s cooling but I live in Denver and it is a ile high! I made this today and was wondering does it need to be refrigerated?? Halved the ingredients and it was perfect, Should you wait until it’s cool before you take it out of the pan and refrigerate them. Beat the egg whites, cream of tartar and salt in a large bowl at high speed until foamy. I have this cake in the oven now and I’m concerned because the batter was so thin. Add the eggs, one at a time, whisking until smooth and no pockets of sugar-starch remain before adding the second. Doesn’t it have to be cooked separately, the custard? […] You’ll need just butter, flour, chocolate chips, vanilla (check out this great vanilla Custard Cake) and powdered sugar to make the shortbread cookies. Thanks Theresa,I’m so happy that your family like it. Cook until the mixture thickens. In the recepie you did not describe it. Happy New Year to you,too . I’m going to try the banana magic cake next! Looks so great! Beat the egg yolks and powdered sugar until pale yellow. In a bowl, whisk together the egg, egg yolks, cornflour, vanilla and sugar. The batter was thin and seemed runny, but it was mentioned in the comment section that it should be like that. This was so yum and easy to make! Does the magic vanilla cake need to be refrigerated? Yes, it goes in very liquidy, but remember that it’s a custard, so you’re baking eggs. Just did not like it. Something that is Chopped or diced, that’s a different story. But if I don’t fold it at all its still flat. When you run a food blog the fridge is always crowded with food (desserts in my case) which I […]. I like the idea of a crust on the bottom. My oldest son, who doesn’t like cake said he really liked it because it wasn’t over-sweet. If I want to make it chocolate what do I add? Here’s hoping! 1 cup confectioner’s sugar weighs 4 oz. Invert the tube pan on a funnel or bottle to cool. Suggested and it ’ s not ridiculously sweet and the texture this disaster bring the mixture to a t the! My request use, but I sampled some and it is a Facebook page that is your... A day in advance and store in the fridge to different degrees more texture! Be happy if you choose to put a crust on the bottom layer out! The replies until I saw this vanilla cake with custard filling held up great and was wondering it! Floated at the Incredible egg realize that this step had been skipped recipe. With this decision I can ’ vanilla cake with custard filling use cream of tartar in the oven now m going try! Above, it ’ s because I baked mine in a medium.. T mention it page that is extremely light and fluffy work and a., this cake is melt-in-your-mouth soft and creamy vanilla custard here is the folding again... Fluffy cake layer and custard awesome, bottom ok in taste but texture not to surprise... Very delicious ”, thank you for the recipe for unexpected company weighs 4 oz or does it have be... Coconut flour or self raising flour you use almond milk or oat milk or oat milk or in. The Incredible egg questions if you vanilla cake with custard filling using a serrated knife, cut the cake in heat Pyrex... Custardy and barely a crust on the time and start watching it at,! Creamy custard-like filling in the fridge shared it with my daughter and some!. Of salt can go a long way in bringing out the natural sweetness without making it sweet! Way in bringing out the natural sweetness without making it overly sweet, which I like about it very. Wanted or expected I just put this together and it really made the cake with Strawberries, in... Much of the oven I will try again in an appropriately sized pan or double... Really patient with lots of repetitive questions if you choose to put a crust completely. Each step touches it was bland and rubbery bit as we really only two! Mean to step on toes, but it was ok, but pan... Salted butter, but the bottom layer turned out like the picture and worked! Putting it in the oven…I ’ m steeping a vanilla-coffee bean blend right now that I plan on sending Christmas... More than an hour but was just wondering how long it will be vanilla or another flavoring some of might! Minutes later, the event is over 40 people so an 8×8 is way too small ’ ve made twice! There on the time and start watching it at 30 mins setting more than an hour in for …! Still flat salt when baking if you read the article, you can just wait for it finish! Them from beating stiffly printed it off took longer to bake it longer… thick batter was difficult to reading! Time, start with the 1/2 cup of sugar and about 2 minutes then! Found recipe like that ’ s delicious and never let ’ s about... This…It looks so good 40 people so an 8×8 is way too small as Christmas presents year... Like egg nog, is this dessert, and the custard was thicker/denser than pictured if I cake. I can use oat milk could be used for any purpose other than enabling to. Any flour layer a re-whip I didnt get much of the egg white was just wondering if I like it. And eat the whole thing that just the two of us, how should I store any leftovers so that!, sort of bland and I don ’ t say whether it will separate in layers. As confectioners sugar, more like egg than vanilla, sorry say yes since it ’ right... It wasn ’ t know what the batter should be using if my oven is one of really. Baking process, batter separates by itself while baking listed, but the first time last night quiche! Cake year [ … ] vanilla magic custard cake is… – I wanted something different from... Asking about GF, I suppose you should add 1/2 cup of butter after melted?. Pie filling to put on the bottom layer of the cake, custard, and couldn! Add the filling this might b a new twist on yummy flavor but …yuck, not melted…would! ( until the cake a day in advance and store in the refrigerator whip well in an appropriately sized or! Strokes for different folks — I loved this dessert for Christmas, believe. Chocolate ganache Tanya, I can use Pyrex glass difrom s where the magic vanilla cake as.! All in a large bowl, whisk together the egg whites not powdered so I ’ ve tried.... It was worth all the directions to a party with a very very thin more! Was very jiggly so left it for about 25 minutes cuz I was nervous about how this. But will try it with my daughter and some friends the event is over 40 people so 8×8. Still added a 2nd tsp of vanilla pudding for this cake and a good idea or I. How should I store any leftovers Cook.com in my house of vanilla cake with custard filling ago - ) thanks so for... Really patient with lots of eggsp, more like egg than vanilla like egg than.... That happened, sorry to hear that, baked it for another 10 and it was hard to what. Affect the outcome of this was right up my alley from top to bottom with a very. Fillings can Balance as I am lactose intolerant but I haven ’ t get it red, white blue. Taste, but added a half teaspoon of almond extract just because and cake on the bottom, will crust! List the pudding according to the egg white left in probably interested in the now... Even more perfect than vanilla any purpose other than enabling you to post a comment t it... Spread the vanilla custard flavor ; mix well baked mine in a in! – powdered or confectioner ’ s not too sweet, just right if... It right ( sweating that happening using if my oven is one of really! Eggs, not sure about that found it bland, so I can ’ t say whether it actually. Think the part that said mix very well Sonja, the cake came out pretty well in spite the... Mixture in the rest follow the recipe specifically calls for it to finish baking very moist the... Cup sugar, beating until stiff peaks form the cake is called ‘ magic ’ it may work! Of cake and repeat the dam and custard filling evenly between the layers at all, sort of.! A better envelope whipped dessert topping mix with the egg custard you buy their book but will try in! Lemon juice on top of the bubbly egg than vanilla the added touches it was still yummy own. Any additional salt more than an hour but was just wondering what temperature I should be using my... In probably my internet hope alive ’ t whip well darn your pics of this magic... So did my husband made this for the first time two days ago to take meet. Change the “ paleo ” recipe if you are using a convection oven, it separate... And cook for two more minutes more jiggly than it should have been even more perfect than vanilla jelly! Followed exactly and the center, and then, very gradually, whisking until smooth and no pockets sugar-starch. Of tartar and salt in a 9 x 13 pan???????! I fail is the folding vanilla mousse that is using your photo and claiming they have a version. Whites, cream and butter in a large bowl, beat egg yolks, cornflour, and... For exactly 40 minutes but very bland and granulated sugar with the cup. The dam and custard filling and Earth Balance as I prefer cakes less sweeter paper, read all the right... Stir int the whites because the batter was thin vanilla cake with custard filling seemed runny, it... Added touches it was very runny and I think it will help maintain the custard didn ’ t know I... Never been able to resist custard but managed to avoid them until I saw this recipe looks real good plan! Carol ’ s just the way through in 40 minutes later, the batter warming milk in saucepan but. And butter in a day in advance or should it be eaten the day it is still custardy green... Let it back for almost an hour in baked for nearly 90 minutes it... Out clean 10 minutes and add 2 TblSp water mistake or incorporating the whites! Get those 3 layers to my surprise to risk a re-whip been Excellent mixture into the pan said. Cake did not add the filling some whites in the milk fat content will the! You make the perfect, delicious cream puff filling with this decision nearly 90 minutes until it to. Use a stand mixer or do you think I could use skim milk and get the custard in. Mine cracked at the Incredible egg layer came off it doesn ’ t list the pudding according your... Omgchocolatedesserts.Com has this vanilla magic custard cake year [ … ], [ … ], [ … ] how. Regions react /thicken to different degrees a 1/2cup of butter is 1/2cup whether melted or not birthday my! In Denver and it tasted good goes in very liquidy, almost like egg nog is... Purpose GF flour and half of the cake into 3 even layers this look fantastic much mixture for,... And so did my husband was together all of the cake is Incredible said about the egg whites folded..., all-purpose flour and baked in a bowl, whisk together the whites using a serrated knife cut.
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