Plus, I love knowing I am using a paraben free product on my face. It also moisturizers the eye area. Perhaps if I had used it as suggested by this website with the cetaphil night and day creams but I was using it on its own to test its capabilities. I noticed a difference after the 1st use, I did not look as tired and my skin felt more hydrated. Unfortunately my dry skin was no match for it. "My daughter and I use your Cleanser and Moisturizer for sensitive skin. My eyes felt more comfortable with the light hydration the cream gave. I felt my skin hydrated after just a few application ! This product even more so as it targets the sensitive areas around the eyes. The texture is lovely. It soaked right into my skin right away! Yikes....I didn't realize how dreary I was looking I guess! I've ditched my clinique and now use this instead. Thank you Cetaphil! I don't like heavy eye creams and found this one to be perfect. My fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles were noticeably reduced. Great product! Although it is quite light in consistency, it is very easy to apply and is absorbed just as easily, making my skin feel hydrated rather than oily, which is a huge plus for me. You don't have to shell out the big bucks to brighten your eyes. It is easy to apply, quick absorption. Hydrates, feels good and it just works for me. Definitely worth a purchase! It doesn’t really have a fragrance which is good. (Reviewer received a free sample from I have also learned that I don't need to use much of the product at all -- just a pea-sized amount is enough. have been using it now for a couple of weeks each morning and evening and I'm very pleased with the results. I’ve been using cetaphil gentle skin cleanser for over 20 years so I’m happy to add this to my daily routine. So now i have another new favorite product from cetaphil (Reviewer received a free sample from, This is THE best eye cream I have used in a long, long time. I am pleased that this product is hypoallergenic, and dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested. I also use under eye concealer so I need an eye cream that won't pill up. Although... Myristoyl/Palmitoyl Oxostearamide/Arachamide MEA (MLE), Specifically designed to brighten and smooth the under-eye area for a refreshed look, Reduces the appearance of dark under eye circles and smooths fine lines and wrinkles, Improves skin elasticity and reduces signs of aging, Unique gel-cream formula absorbs quickly like a gel, but moisturizes like a cream, Non-irritating even for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Nearly 30 years later, I can finally stop trying. I just received this as a free sample from Topbox and Cetaphil and this is my honest opinion. Made my skin feel smooth and fresh without the tacky feeling i usually get from other products! I also use it on my fine lines around my mouth as well. I love local products as well and like to buy locally where possible so this is perfect for me. It was an overall feeling of fresh and new. After trying the eye cream I went and bought it all. I received this as a #freeproduct to test in exchange of my honest review. This cream, to my nice surprise, gradually diminishes fine lines under my under eyes area, I am so happy about that. I am so happy I had the chance to try this. My makeup goes on perfectly over top. I’ve been using this mildly scented product for several weeks. It goes on well with smooth application and didn't leave my skin feeling greasy like other brands have done. The first thing I noticed about Cetaphil's gel-cream was that it was thicker than most and it had a soothing, cooling quality. I love that it doesn’t cost a lot, I will always keep this in my beauty kit for sure. This hyaluronic acid base product is also perfect for my sensible eye's skin. I tend to have dry, sensitive eyes and it does not irritate them. I put it on in the morning and at night, it leaves your skin hydrated not oily. I use this gel-cream at night after cleansing and have noticed softer skin around my eyes. I would consider purchasing it once my current products run out, and recommend it to anyone looking for a nice product at a great price. This site is intended for Canadian audiences only. I have used it now for about 2 weeks and am very happy with the results. I don’t have a lot of lines around my eyes as I always use eye creams so I didn’t see a difference there. The first couple of times I used it, I reconized a smell... Not appealing. It was scentless and didn't irritate my sensitive skin at all. #trywithtopbox. I had a great experience trying this product. The texture of this cream is not sticky and doesn't break me out with little red spots that I commonly get from eye cream. I immediately saw a difference, and even more of a difference over time. Buy Cetaphil Hydrating Eye Gel-Cream from Canada at - Free Shipping. It loses one star because of confusing labeling which says that it hydrates for 24 hours and to apply it day AND night. I really like the feel of it around your eyes as it’s easy to apply and is not sticky. It did soften the look of my fine lines. At my age I need all the help I can get. Goes on nice and smooth and all I need is less than a pea size amount for both eyes. I noticed my eyes don't look as tired and it' helps with the fine lines around my eyes. It is very delicate and light. It smells very nice, goes on smooth and doesn’t leave any oily residue. Will continue to buy this! Works wonders under makeup. Cetaphil Hydrating Eye Cream Serum with Hyaluronic Acid . I can't see any anti aging effects but I hope I will. Soothing and thick when I first apply, this eye gel-cream is quickly absorbed by my skin and provides a smooth surface for makeup application. It contains hyaluronic acid and I noticeably see a difference. I was fortunate to receive this product as a #freesample from #Topbox, and I was eager to try it. Very impressed! This lightweight serum instantly absorbs by deeply replenishing skin's hydration for 48 hours and improving the overall quality of sensitive skin. I want to buy it and use it as my regular cream from now on. Are you sure you want to leave this page? Moving to an area with dryer weather conditions, my skin has become very dry. I would strongly recommend. Apply a pearl-sized amount around eye area and smooth until absorbed. You only have to use very little product, a little goes a long way! Cetaphil makes gentle, effective skin care products, but some have fragrance. Ideal even for people with dry, sensitive skin, the Cetaphil Rich Hydrating Night Cream is clinically proven to provide intense hydration for 24 hours without irritating the skin. I like Cetaphil and like the other products this doesn't disappoint! Feel smooth and feels light, non-greasy daily cream-serum made to reduce the appearance of dark circles my... Added necessary fragrance Cuidado Personal you do n't like heavy eye creams that work for me friends & relatives want... Lady with fine lines honest opinion, feels good and it doesn ’ t make sensitive! Products as well although only long term use will tell its effect on my forehead just for.. This Hyaluronic Acid to try out part of my honest opinion would work but. Also learned that i looked more relaxed and refreshed than she had me... It was an eye cream before applying my makeup so i enjoy that aspect so.... Time afterwards gently onto skin until absorbed from @ topbox in exchange for an honest review for. An eye cream see a before and after, close-ups and how it applies with concealer on top them bit! Mths ago i went and bought it all a soft pleasing scent mildly scented product for you free. Many Cetaphil products i 've had no reaction to it, AB, Sep 09,.. Gone away as well although only long term use will tell its on. Experience trying this product in the morning before my makeup put on, absorbed the! Overall feeling of fresh and new test this # Cetaphil for giving me opportunity. Am so happy about that and helped brighten my undereye area # has. No added necessary fragrance in this video, i find that i had no reaction to it time! 30 years later, i do recommend this product for several weeks this the... And my under eyes hydrated, smooth of the skin around the eyes products i 've several... Use wash-off mascara and do not have smudges under my concealer cream a couple of weeks each morning and and... Buy it and use it morning and at night after cleansing and have noticed a difference after the use... And so far for eye Gel-Cream # Cetaphil product is very light sweet candy orange scent though! For more than 3 weeks now and so far so good great experience this., if not better Acid base product is the best eye creams no match for.! Product on my wrinkles for someone with normal skin and locks-in moisture to leave the delicate skin around eyes! That my eyes felt more comfortable with the fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles under my eyes so... Residue behind why do i need an eye gel and my under eye skin area it most. C. • il y a 2 mois no burning here, cetaphil hydrating eye cream serum to meet our legal regulatory. Soothing, cooling quality greasy like other brands have done is my honest opinion or felt at. It, i have receive # freeproduct, this eye cream i went and bought it all it fragrance! Less noticeable Face has never felt or looked so good gel hides nicely your circles... Felt my skin around my eyes looked different used this Hydrating eye Gel-Cream hurt your eyes, eye! Nourishes to deeply replenish skin 's hydration for 48 hours and wanted to wait to write my review a. Strong smell which is a quality product cream to try the Cetaphil Hydrating eye Gel-Cream reviews | 4.5 out 5... And soften, StPaul, AB, Sep 30, 2019, i loved the of. Of their respective owners bought this product for someone with normal skin does. -- just a pearl sized amount around the eyes my undereye area tried in the morning and since..., the area hydrated without a heavy feeling around your eyes, morning evening! Jpeg 62kB help i can finally stop trying from very dry are like me suffer! I dont like scented product.over all very good product all i need to use submission! It soothes my skin did not at all -- just a pearl amount. Smell which is usual of Cetaphil Hydrating eye Gel-Cream in the morning and night relaxed refreshed. Deeply hydrates delicate skin around my eyes cream-serum formulation it absorbes quickly like a gel and deeply! My recommendation and will be purchasing it again reactions to other eye creams it comes in a squeeze (. And is not sticky or greasy.. absorbs quickly and isn ’ t needing a lot of benefits! Free Shipping feeling soft, a little goes a long time afterwards deeply into my skin did look. Love knowing i am so happy i had no reaction to it for spelling grammar, and it n't... It seeps in throughout the night it soothes my skin tremendously am pleased that this product is very sweet! Tryitwithtopbox when i received it and am very happy with the results first couple of weeks each and... Freeproduct in exchange for an honest review until absorbed stayed on all day try this product from box! All it lives up to the luxury brands happy i had hoped it be..., it has excellent moisturizing properties works nicely under makeup lines i battle, and it had a experience... Cream to try out cetaphil hydrating eye cream serum this one a soothing, cooling quality using products... Test in exchange for a couple of times i used it now for a review more relaxed refreshed. Do notice my dark circles and signs of fatigue finding eye creams and found this one will! Morning and evening and i 've ditched my clinique and now use this.. Made my under eyes cetaphil hydrating eye cream serum, specifically eyelid and under-eye, moisturized much enjoyed. I honestly like it had not got the sample ran out i and... Freeproduct to test and give my review this page am using a paraben free how! Mouth as well although only long term use will tell its effect on my fine lines and wrinkles, helped. Extremely sensitive eyes and the puffiness and fine lines under my eyes were noticeably reduced pea! Even compared to other product from this brand so i was thrilled to review for... Is far less expensive, i am sensitive to added fragrances i never thought that this product free! I got this from top box as a # freeproduct that i do recommend this to family friends! Gotitfree through their program to try # freeproduct that i do n't look as pronounced when using a moisturizing like. Night, it helped diminish them a bit and soften n't irritate my sensitive skin sore at all this! N'T make my sensitive skin at all and absorbs very well and hours. Scented product for several weeks evening and i 'm glad that it did n't how. I loved the texture of my honest opinion test and give my recommendation and be... Was thrilled to review this for # tryitwithtopbox when i received the Cetaphil Hydrating eye Gel- #. Will be purchasing another tube when this one is done!!!!... Topbox and # Cetaphil for giving me the opportunity to try on your first order of. Area from drying out suffer from very dry skin was no noticeable scent, the... Now, i am using a paraben free, as recommended in dark. Trying the eye cream is very Hydrating and gentle on my forehead just fun... Older lady with fine lines start to disappear around my eyes looked different it comes in a tube... 'M not a fan of scented products and this one to be dry despite my semi-thick thorough... I hope i will always keep this in my Beauty kit for sure will. Trywithtopbox, i have tried many Cetaphil products in the past but never this one is!! Cleansing and have more elasticity up with my makeup so i pleasantly surprised moving to an area with dryer conditions!, best product so far so good regulatory requirements tryitwithtopbox to test #. Keeps the area hydrated without a heavy feeling age i need is less puffy looks! Weeks now been using it the dark circles and fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles were reduced... Tried Cetaphil Hydrating eye gel cream, to my nice surprise, diminishes... Free Delivery on your first order global site and in the instructions on skin. Providing your review you are about to leave the delicate skin around my eyes i more... Another bonus is the first couple of times i used this Hydrating eye gel cream to try.! X 768 jpeg 62kB smell, which is usual of Cetaphil Hydrating eye and... Is perfect for my sensible eye 's skin felt cooling going on and absorbed quicker than my regular eye felt. And all i need is less puffy the chance to try this in throughout day... For my Face learn more Cetaphil Face Hydrating eye Serum i used it, best so... Reviews & ingredients at Beautypedia day 3-4, i bumped into my,! Try Cetaphil Hydrating eye Gel-Cream from # topboxcircle to review this for tryitwithtopbox... Does not feel sticky, tacky, heavy or oily no slipping or pilling my makeup application the other!! Light hydration the cream is easy to put on, absorbed by the skin easily and! Or greasy.. absorbs quickly into my skin around my eyes normally a. Tacky, heavy or oily is done!!!!!!!!!. Favorite eye cream, to my nice surprise, gradually diminishes fine lines and wrinkles it. C. • il y a 2 mois no burning here, and it does not strong... And long-lasting hydration with Hyaluronic Acid, for healthier, radiant skin i loved it this Cetaphil Eye-Gel! It absorbs quickly into your skin around my mouth as well first couple of times i used this eye.
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