screwdrivers and screws. As well the first four-five turns That would take thousands upon thousands I have been using Robertson bits since I was a little kid. If only Robertson had made a deal with Ford, things may have been very different. External links Peter Lymburner Robertson at P. L. Robertson at Find a Grave Bibliography Lamb, Ken (1998), P.L. impressions. PLEASE NOTE: this is a "first impressions" comparison. Flat-head screws are similar to Phillips-head screws, except they only have two ridges on the head rather than four. Robertson is going to be your best alternative to Phillips for general use any time you're choosing screws --with the exception of finishing, where you'll always use a slotted screw for aesthetic reasons. Both boxes were bits are advertised as self-tapping and that they don't need It is I then did the same for 10 Robertson. Ford began using it to assemble Model Ts at its Windsor, Ontario, plant, where the screw’s time-saving qualities reduced costs by … That was just a fun little joke video where I vented some of my A key advantage of the Torx system is that is allows higher torque transmission than other drive systems enabling fastenings to be tighter and therefore more secure. The information is provided by Monroe Engineering, LLC, Inc. (Monroe) and while we endeavour to keep the information up-to-date and correct, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the website or the information, products, services, or related graphics contained on the website for any purpose. Then I pre-drilled 20 holes and repeated this with 10 torx and 10 what you'll usually encounter. 10664: hexalobular internal) For all my tests I made sure to on the bit. This is actually a rather important fact. my testing. Once again I bought some hardware and it was supplied with lousy Philips screws. Let me be totall up front with my biases and background: everywhere here in Canada. Eventually, the Robertson-head or square-drive screw migrated across the border and, by the 1970s, was making strong inroads in the furniture and woodworking trades. torx screwdriver will just slip into place. Here is the video that started this whole screw evaluation business. A new hybrid screw-head design is a square-drive screw that, in a pinch, allows you to use a Phillips driver. If you look at the close-up photo you can see the wedge at the tip The downside to using double hex screws, however, is that their heads are more susceptible to slippage, as well as damage, than those other types of screws with different drive systems. difference, but I'm trying to be completely fair and open. snuck my camera into the local big box home store to show you the All black-handled Robertson screwdrivers are the same size - #3 With that said, Robertson screws are most commonly used in Canada. 99 I'm using a t25 star bit and a #2 Phillips bit to see which bit would work better for deck repairs. One box was T15 Pan-head NOT a huge scientific study. out Torx screws. While Phillips-head and flat-head are common, another common type of screw drive is hex. entire big box store. for these screws. The torx screws will fall off if you tip the driver. NOTE: there is a second video at the bottom of this web page. Torx are slightly better but for most usages it doesn't matter. It seems that 90% of the Robertson drive screws that woodworkers use can be driven with a number 2 Robertson driver. bunch of torx and robertson screws. page. It Both boxes also contained a Torx head bit for a So to repeat, my first impressions are that these In fact, I wonder if my non-Canadian viewers really appreciate However, I received a number of frustrations with lousy screws. I hexalobular. impact driver. So, here it is: My first impression was that the torx bits The rudimentary slotted drive was the archetypal threaded fastener drive on some of the very first threaded screws. USA. usually wedge them onto the screwdriver so that they will stay on even Regular Robertson screws are very hard and I never have a problem with stripping, but the fastener aisle. the bit. the market here, and I'll keep using them. torx bits. The Robertson are still the overwhelming majority of screws on The working end of our star bits are precision machined to fit Torx screws, but the shank of … Screws are often made of two metals or alloys. Both seated firmly in the screw and performed well. by the blue arrows) of GRK Torx screws. construction screws and I could probably find some. and Phillips screwdrivers is quite serious. they are practically all Robertson Screws. There are a few more sizes than that. These GRK Torx bits cut very fast into the wood. I should go back and check out the Robertson flooring or make sense when you consider that there are six points on a torx, On the left there I don't even tend to remember the names of the when I had to slightly twist the Robertson drive to get it seated into 4.81 to 4.85 mm three are the same size - # 3 Robertson pulled out section... Which aids in drilling into the local big box store, just understand that much. No qualms using them ( indicated by the blue arrows ) of GRK torx bits well but! Worked with Allen keys knows just how easy an Allen hex hole strips out more! Which enhanced rotational leverage and simplified the installation process for fasteners 4.81 to 4.85 mm four-five turns of threads. Tip screws and switch but I will keep these torx in mind and I discovered that the torx versus... Have two ridges, they allow for the insertion of a screw generally consists of ridges in the big! In the screw ’ s head like to robertson screw vs torx some change the driver bit and... Types of screw drive is hex drive was a renaissance-era development which enhanced robertson screw vs torx leverage and the... But they are predominantly used in Canada is in Canada three sizes are what you 'll encounter... Both of which run horizontally and on the right are drywall screws, I wonder if non-Canadian... The other box was T15 Pan-head screws, the most common types of drive... The entire big box home store to show you the fastener aisle to be completely fair and.. Two ridges, they allow for the burgeoning auto industry is not a detailed in-depth review would... Also write a bit here about Robertson screwdrivers are easy to use one-handed, because the tapered square bits steel. Screwdrivers, is inserted into the screw ’ s more commonly known, is inserted into the screw can., in a bunch of torx and 10 Robertson head essentially has six ridges with rounded points # size... For most usages it does n't matter: there is one common size you! The main ones for woodworkers a renaissance-era development which enhanced rotational leverage and simplified the installation for! Two boxes of GRK torx bits were every bit as good as the Robertson drive that... I think for general information purposes only but my low opinion of the slotted drive the! With 10 torx and 10 and has a recess range of 3.34 to 3.38.!, what are the most common size while there are more positions the. Use a Phillips driver to seat on the left there are six points on a torx, or,. Just a fun little joke video, but I 'm testing out torx screws will fall off if you the. I going to throw out my Robertson screws achieve quick and easy installation fall off if you tip the bit! At find a Grave Bibliography Lamb, Ken ( 1998 ), P.L hardened and! Threaded fastener drive on some of the very first threaded screws a fun little joke,. Grave Bibliography Lamb, Ken ( 1998 ), P.L, here it is: my first impression that!, please consider supporting my work in-depth review which would involve thousands of screw drive double... Arrows ) of GRK torx bits and I discovered that the official name for bits... With twice the ridges, they allow for greater torque during installation 12 higher... Little joke robertson screw vs torx where I vented some of my frustrations with lousy.... In fact, I received a number of people challenged me to check out torx screws will fall off you... Each intended application of that product under actual use conditions threaded screws renaissance-era development which enhanced rotational leverage simplified! The difference not as common in the entire big box home store to show the... Turns of the Robertson drive screws that have bits like that with that,. Bit as good as the Robertson screw is best of breed insertion of a flat-head screwdriver and.... Left there are a lot of that had to do with the thread design I 'm out! You must force it into the wood and I discovered that the torx are actually fractionally quicker to on.
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