To begin, determine the expected seasonal change of wood moisture content for your location. the wood is dry per say – as it’s been inside, it’s just the moisture content. How Long Does It Take to Acclimate Hardwood Flooring? Perhaps I didn't acclimate them for 48 hours back then. If I ever have a situation, it’s there…I always have it handy. By Jen M. on April 21, 2017 • ( 4 ) Acclimation is the first and most important step to ensuring that your bamboo or hardwood floors provide a lifetime of quality use. They measure the moisture content of the subfloor, concrete and the moisture content of the wood flooring to be installed. However, I do have a question as to which installation method is best to use after the MC, RH, and temp are at ideal conditions. Larry Loffer is a senior technician at Wagner Meters, where he has over 30 years of experience in wood moisture measurement. The sound appears to be from the edges near baseboards/walls. Thanks for writing in. If yes— how? According to the installer, the MC of the wood pre-install was 7.5%. Thanks for writing in. Sixty days of "acclimation" to ideal conditions, then five days of extreme heat and humidity during installation can equal a failure! Wide plank solid flooring (3" or wider) should have no more than 2 percent variance in moisture content compared to subfloor materials. HOW SOON CAN YOU WALK ON THE FLOORS AFTER INSTALLATION? Also, if we decide to buy engineered floors, do we still need to wait before installing them? My question is should I loosen the straps and spread out the wood (which would make quite a mess) or can I leave them to acclimate strapped in the bundles as they were delivered? hello! This will allow the wood to acclimate to actual living conditions inside the building. How long does hardwood need to acclimate? Just like humans, wood is most comfortable within an ideal range of temperatures and relative humidity. It’s not severe but is noticeable everywhere the light hits and worse in one area by a door to the garage where you can feel it when you walk across it. This is an old myth from back before wood flooring was properly kiln dried. Thanks for your time. My husband and I are working on a remodeling project for our house, and we are looking for advice. It is also a good idea to have weight on the top. A short instructional video showing how to properly acclimate hardwood flooring prior to installation. Temperatures should be kept between 60° and 80° Fahrenheit. This will increase exposure to airflow, which helps with acclimation. Hello and thanks so much for this article and blog. In addition, the resins and oils in tropical woods can make accurate moisture content readings difficult. Leave hardwood flooring in closed cartons in the stabilized room to acclimate for a period of at least 48 hours. Wood floor acclimation can be achieved by cross-stacking and spacing wood floor materials to encourage air circulation around the boards. Water Vapor Emissions If your home is built over a crawl space, the ground in that area needs to be covered with 6 mil black plastic to prevent moisture from escaping into your home. Why You Should Use Relative Humidity (RH) Testing, Become a Wagner Meters Authorized Distributor, Flooring, Millwork, Furniture and Cabinet Manufacturers, Musical Instrument Manufacturer and Luthiers, Building Restoration and Inspection Professionals. The old floors had nothing between the subfloor and the hardwood white oak floors and there was noticeable cupping and crowning between the seasons. Installing hardwood floors is one of the most exciting things that can happen in your home. Thanks for the questions and sorry for the issues. 2) If so, based on these two parameters what should the equilibrium moisture content of the floor be? I don’t want to move out have them do it and then it cups again or it ends up crowning and we have to be moved out again. we were going to run heaters as the hvac is not yet installed. Copyright © 2020 Wagner Meters|Warranty|Return Policy|Terms & Conditions|Privacy Policy. Apparently the wood was brought in prior to HVAC running, 5 months before the property went on the market (who knows in what phase of construction the floors were installed). Secondly, do prefinished hardwood floors need to acclimate? The house is really dry, dryer than it will ever be due to all the dehumidifiers fans and mitigation equipment. I personally think the NWFA should hold manufacters in different parts of the country to different standrads, say in the south I don’t believe floors should be dried under at minum 5% Pretty much every house in the southeast is gonna hold around 7% or more, very few ocations will it hold less. Acclimate the moisture content of the solid hardwood floor to +/- 4% of the wood subfloor moisture content. Contrary to belief, it has less do with the amount of time you should let flooring sit to acclimate on the job site and more to do with monitoring the moisture content of various components. Thank you for the tip about keeping the wood in a place that has 30-50% humidity. should i install a true vapor barrier between the subfloor like roofing paper or tyvek or just use the standard pink paper? The first question in my mind is 1) Do you keep the temperature and relative humidity in the home consistent throughout the year? They’ll be restacked indoors and acclimated when HVAC is installed and house is Failure to properly acclimate hardwood flooring before installation begins may compromise the integrity of your floor. Check these guides: Appendix D - Moisture (USA) and Appendix E - Moisture (Canada). Garages and exterior patios are not acceptable areas to store wood flooring. Wider boards tend to have more movement issues than narrow boards. Thanks! Within a month of moving in we noticed our floors starting to splinter. Levon believes it’s important to educate your clients with useful information. Be sure to have a quality moisture meter to follow the process. Written by Wagner Meters, published first by ProInstaller, According to the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA), wood floor acclimation is “the process of adjusting (conditioning) the moisture content of wood flooring to the environment in which it is expected to perform.”. Painters will never like this option because you’ll have to caulk and hand paint after the baseboard is installed. You can calculate that from various online apps or we offer one for your smart device called WoodH2O. You need to give them as much information as possible to ensure the success of their wood flooring.”, We asked Levon how he deals with builders or clients insisting flooring gets installed when conditions aren’t suitable, and he said, “If the moisture content is high on the concrete or on the job site, we tell the contractor we have to follow certain steps to bring relative moisture and humidity down with dehumidification or HVAC. This balance could be achieved in as little as 1 to 5 days, or longer for some exotic species. so to treat correctly they needed to remove the floor down to the subfloor . This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Download Free – The 4 Reasons Your Hardwood Flooring Failed – by Signing Up for our Newsletter. There is a common misconception among contractors that if you bring wood flooring into the workplace and let it sit for a few days, it will acclimate properly and be ready to install. blogs. The recommended time for acclimation is 48 to 72 hours. When they came back after the issue was reported MC was at 5%. Be sure to look for recommendations from the adhesive manufacturer. All the way through), some exhibit shake and some are checked. When asked if Levon acclimates engineered flooring, he said, “We don’t skip a step just because the flooring is engineered flooring. Thanks in advance for your time and knowledge. That’s very important when it comes to a successful installation.”. I’m replacing my carpet downstairs with hardwood, and I want it to last as long as possible. This installer also recommends using a very thin glue gun to insert glue in certain areas. This type of wood flooring is solid all the way from top to bottom. Then we’ll come back and check again to make sure the moisture content is in regulation according to suitable moisture content standards. Also finishes the space where hardwood flooring ends against a vertical surface and where quarter round cannot be used. On the other hand, if the moisture content of the wood is well outside of the optimal moisture content range, it may be very difficult to acclimate the product properly.
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